The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt
Letters From 1920's Farm Wives and the 111 Blocks They Inspired

1)  General Instructions for printing from the CD:

If you are printing from the CD and your patterns are not the proper size, it is a printer problem. To correct this, from the print menu click on "properties." It should be set at "none" on "page scaling." Also be sure that it is printing at 100%.

2)  Correction:

Template 61 is supposed to be 61R. Please reverse this template to create template 61.

3)  The following corrections are for the 1st edition most of which were sold in 2009:

Page 162--Template #39, should be template #14
Page 170--Top right corner brown triangles should be yellow
Page 194--Pink and purple triangles on the left side are facing the wrong way
Page 214--On the cutting list, dark brown #13 cut 20, should be cut "24
Page 237--Pale green outer triangles should be dark green

4)  If you are using Electric Quilt 7 and are having trouble with installation of The Farmer's Wife EQ CD, the following link will be of help: