Thursday, July 10, 2014

MY WEDDING RING QUILT; by Alta Booth Dunn; June 1933

You like the pattern called the Wedding Ring?
It is a glowing, many-colored thing
Like Joseph's coat of old--
Ten times tenscore of pieces in its beauty. 
I made it for a pretty coverlet to spread
Upon my best-room bed--
Not just for homely duty. 

Sometimes, when work is done,
I slip off here alone
And softly touch the blocks. It's sort of fingering
Keepsakes...Yes, memories here are lingering...
This lavender sprigged muslin was grandmother's gown
That once she wore to meet a man of high renown.
The figured linen of pale maize is from my courting days;
And that checked gingham, white-and red,
He gave me on our second wedding day--
He's always had a tender, thoughtful way.

Blue-stripe was sonny's first small romper suit--
My, but it made him look as cute as cute!
Pink-posied dimity was frock of baby girl's--
She loved to wear it with a pink bow on her curls.
This sheer white lawn is new grand-baby's dress;
It is the dearest piece of all, I guess...

Like you, I'm partial to my Wedding Ring;
It's such a lovely rainbow of remembering.