Saturday, May 30, 2015


Today I am printing two pages from my new book The Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Dear Farmer' Wife:

As I am reading other women's letters, I wonder if I might encourage some other mother to enjoy such a vacation as I have taken. I, like Sally Sod, have been tied with little ones, having five, the oldest 10 years old and the youngster 5 months. Also I know what hard times are, as I believe that if ever anyone has seen and felt them, we have. Therefore, I have stayed at home and worked and saved until even my husband seemed to be the ugliest man I ever saw, although I knew he was the best one.

I had not visited my parents for three years, although they lived only a day's drive away. They had never seen the baby. So I decided to leave my 300 chicks, goslings, setting hens and the dairy for my husband to care for and take the children and go home.

We just couldn't all leave, as we bottle and deliver our milk to town people twice daily. Our car is a 1923 model, arm-strong starter, and anything but good looking. My husband worked the engine over and had it in as good running order as he could make it.  We loaded it and started.

I put the baby in a wooden box with plenty of pillows in the back seat, with a youngster on each side of him, and two in the front with me. We left home at 7 o'clock in the morning and "pulled" into the nearest town to my parents' home at 5:30 in the afternoon. I sent a telegram to my husband and then went on the other three miles. What a happy bunch we were!

We stayed two weeks and every minute was full. We came back across the flint hills with all their rocks so much happier and just as anxious to get home as we were to leave.

We drove between 180 and 200 miles each way, over 400 miles altogether, and came back with the same air in the tires we had when we left (they weren't all new either.) Everyone says that I had lots of courage and nerve to start such a trip with so many little ones, but just the same we made it, and when we came home, it was to find the best looking man in the world and a house as clean as a pin with everything in tip-top shape.

Nobody know what that trip meant to me and the cost was little. I left with ten dollars and brought back over three dollars. Out of this little, trinkets were bought for the children as well as expenses paid.

I prepared plenty of sandwiches, fruit and cake for the children. Also a jug of water and a bottle of milk for the baby (yes, he
is a bottle baby), and with a can of heat it was warmed and he was fed and was so happy all day long that I was very much surprised.

Now I wonder how many mothers there are who would like to take a trip if only someone could go along, or they could leave the home with all its work. Just go with your little ones and enjoy yourself, because you don't know what a wonderful husband you have or just what he can do until you give him a chance to show you.

What I am trying to plan now is a vacation for him, and I think I can manage it, too. Here's hoping this will encourage some tired mother to try what I have accomplished.

I have lots of other problems just as other mothers of so many little ones, but try to carry on. Perhaps I will write again some other time.