Sunday, December 28, 2014

I LOVE WINTER; by 12 year old, Anna De Marse, Minnesota; 1907

Of the four seasons, I love winter best. Then the busy farmers have their rushing work all done, and when the lovely white snow comes down and the old earth wears her white dress, how many nice sleigh rides they give their families.

Our papa often hitches up Mollie and Prince on the bob sleds in the evening and takes mamma and all of us children out for a ride and what a fine time we do have. We go to some neighbors and play games and sing songs and have a jolly time.

Other pleasant evenings are spent at home when the neighbors and their children come in.

And then the nice long evenings to read. I think I can learn more in one week in winter than I can in a month in summer. I think a walk on a clear frosty morning gives one a clear brain to learn with. I never missed a day or was tardy during the five months' winter term last year.

And then, the skating and sliding. I can't skate but I enjoy seeing the others. I can slide, though, and have a sled of my own. We have a hill right in front of our school house, and we school children can hardly take time to eat our lunch at noon, we like a slide so well. Our papas say that hill is a "shoe bill," but we children love it.