Friday, July 16, 2010


June is bride and groom month. Red roses and happy hearts belong to the spring-time. Thousands of beautiful brides and plain looking grooms will, this month, attempt the rather difficult and divine task of establishing their homes.

Marriage requires great loyalty to make of it a great success. It should never be undertaken in any other purpose than for a life task. A bystander watching a great artist paint said, "I would give my life to paint like that." The artist replied, "That is just what it has cost me."

Cheap ideals of marriage will always result in bankruptcy of the heart and home.

I do not know who wrote the following sentences, but they are the best that I have ever seen. I send them out to all brides and grooms, young and old, with my blessing.

1. Never both be angry at once.
2. Never taunt with a past mistake.
3. Never forget the happy hours of early love.
4. Never meet without a loving welcome.
5. Never talk at one another, either alone or in a crowd.
6. Never speak loudly to one another unless the house is on fire.
7. Let each one strive oftenest to yield to the wishes of the other.
8. Let self denial be the daily aim and practice of each.
9. Neglect the whole world besides rather than each other.
10. Never let the sun go down upon any anger or grievance.
11. Never allow a reasonable request to be made the second time.
12. Never make a remark at the expense of the other. It is meanness.
13. Never sigh for what might have been, and make the best of what is.
14. Never find fault unless it is certain that a fault has been committed, and
always speak lovingly.
15. Never part for the day without loving words to think of during the absence. Short words at morning make long days.
16. Never let any fault that you have committed go by until you have confessed it
and are forgiven.
17. Never forget that the nearest approach to a Heaven on earth is where two souls
rival each other in unselfishness.
18. Never be contented until you know that both are walking in the straight and
narrow road.
19. Never forget that marriage is ordained of God, and that His blessing alone can
make it what it ought to be.
20. Never let your human hopes stop short of the home eternal.

The practice of these maxims my not make every home happy, but it will go far to accomplish that perfect goal.