The Pony Club Book

Letters From the Lucky Pony Winners of 1915 and 90 Blocks That Tell Their Stories
In 1907 the Webb Publishing Company of St. Paul, Minnesota, created The Farmer's Wife Pony Club. They invited children to join and compete for prizes by selling subscriptions to The Farmer's Wife magazine.

The prizes ranged from cameras to rifles, but the grand prize was a Shetland pony with saddle, bridle and often a carriage. To satisfy skeptics who doubted a child would, indeed receive a pony, the editors asked the winners to send photographs of themselves and their ponies.

Thankfully, many of the children also sent thank you letters along with their photographs. These endearing, poignant, and sometimes hilarious, letters provide a unique window into the lives of children in the early years of the 20th century.

The Farmer's Wife Pony Club Quilt is a large queen measuring 96" x 105". There are ninety traditional 8" blocks, many of which are rarely seen in modern quilt books. Contemporary and novelty fabrics were used, with solid gray cornerstones and a black print for the sashing and border. It was beautifully long-arm quilted by Nell Coons of Verona, Wisconsin.

The Pony Club book has 320 beautiful pages in an 8" x 8" format. The first two-thirds of the book has letters from the children, one or two photographs of each child with their pony, and a picture of the child's quilt block. The last third of the book has complete assembly diagrams for each block.

The enclosed 400+ page CD has something for every quilter--

*** A complete set of templates for each of the 90 blocks
*** Foundation patterns when applicable
*** Rotary cutting measurements when applicable
*** Full-size line drawing of each block
*** Quilt assembly diagrams for lap, twin, queen and king sizes

Favorite Excerpts--

There isn't a store in town where "Larry" hasn't been in. He goes in the drug store and the druggist knows he wants ice cream and he bows enough to say, "Yes." He gives him a cone of ice cream and "Larry" will eat every bit of it and then looks for more...Then the druggist gives him some gum and he will chew the gum and I am on his back all the time...
"Larry" and His Owner Wilford

I must tell you some of the cute things my pony "Sweetheart" does. One day mamma was picking cherries and "Sweetheart" was around the tree so he knocked the ladder down and mamma had to stay up in the tree for some time until someone came and put the ladder up for her...He does so many cute things...

When I received your good letter, telling me I had won "Winkle," I just leaped for joy and clapped my hands. I ran to the telephone and told my aunt I had won "Winkle" and his outfit and she was so overjoyed she ran about one-half mile across a cornfield to break the news to grandpa about my success. Aunt is a large fleshy woman and just imagine how funny she looked running across the cornfield to break the news to grandpa...

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