Thursday, February 22, 2018


Dear Readers,

I began this blog many years ago to share the abundance of historical articles that I felt were at risk of being forgotten.

I have posted the articles and stories alone, but beginning today, I will be joining with a fellow blogger who shares my love of history, Amalia B. Clemen. I am thrilled that she and I will be working together. I know her personally and love her writing style. She brings a unique perspective to the topic of home and family that I'm sure you will also enjoy.

Since this is a new beginning, we have created a new blog, A Housewife Writes. The Farmer's Wife Quilt blog will remain right here, but from this time forward, all new posts will include a link to the complete article on our new blog. Amalia and I would be so pleased if you would join us every Monday and Thursday at:

P.S. Please sign up with the "Follow By Email" tab on the new blog!