Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Just before Thanksgiving we had some dear friends visit us,--a "used-to-be" prosperous farmer, his wife and children.

The little lady had always had a cheerful, jolly disposition,--never seemed to take life seriously. Though she had been a hard worker, she never appeared to worry if her plans were upset. But now, since I had learned of their misfortune, I thought probably she might be different. Their beautiful country home,--their life's savings--had been taken from them through a mortgage foreclosure.

If I had expected any difference in her, I was certainly surprised for she was her same dear, jolly self. Only once did she mention their misfortune.

"I know God will provide a way," she said, "if we will only trust in Him and do our best."

So the dear, brave heart had thought more deeply than I had thought, and although she secretly grieved for their lost home, she was ready to begin all over again. She smiled, and in that smile I saw her very soul, the soul of a fighter, one who never gives up, who never knows defeat.

As she was about to leave, I helped her with her coat. It was thin and especially worn at the elbows. Her toil-worn hands were gloveless. I watched her climb into the wagon beside her husband. They now had nothing but the wagon to ride in, having sold their car to pay a note at the bank. She seemed proud of her husband and he of her, and the children of both of them.

I watched them until they passed from sight, then I walked slowly into the house. All that had occurred had "put me under my thinking cap."


QuiltGranma said...

boy, can I empathize! When I had to have emergency total hysterectomy we did not have health insurance on me. So hubby put an extra mortgage on the house to pay for it. Later when he got "too old" and they let him go at work there was not enough to pay the bank back. We've been in our 5th wheel travel trailer for 6 years now... not near the 1,200 sq ft home we had, and it has taken me this long to accept this will be our life, and grieve the loss of having a "home". Times are tough, but we will get through! God IS with us, and blesses us on occasion.

Laurie Aaron Hird said...

Thank you Quilt Granma for your comment. I always imagined that living in a 5th wheel trailer would be a carefree experience. Thank you for giving me another and more realistic perspective. I'm glad that you have been able to accept your life as it is. Contentment is precious!