Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Make happiness a habit.

Keep within your means.

It is not pleasant to hear disagreeable speeches, do not make them.

Loyalty of friends does not include criticism of others.

Failure is blessed, if it corrects mistakes and strengthens endeavor.

It is a graceful thing to apologize for a mistake or wrong doing.

The whole world will run more smoothly, if our work is well done.

Girls grow old and nervous, crotchety and disagreeable if they continually "fuss." Stop it.

Practice makes perfect is as good a rule for cheerfulness and happiness, as for sewing and cooking.

Make a heaven of your home, and your family and friends will believe in a Heavenly Home.

Do first the thing that must be done. If the lessons are difficult master them; if you have done wrong, confess it; you will enjoy the rest of the day better.

The habitual observance of courtesy prevents many a tempest that makes ship-wreck of homes and families.

A selfish spirit is like a bushel of nettles in the home.

Graciousness of manner and goodness of heart make an attractive personality and a noble life.

True love does not always live in the sunshine, sparkling with jewels and gay with silks and laces, more often you will find her in the shadows, foot-sore and weary, bearing the burden of others on her shoulders, but with a glory on her face.