Tuesday, April 5, 2016


A Spring Coming-Out Party; April 1933
“We’re having our coming-out party this month,” said the Maple girls to Mrs. Oak, “and we want you to come.”
“Oh, my dear,” replied Mrs. Oak, “I haven’t a thing to wear.”
“That’s quite all right,” answered Miss Sugar Maple, “the Pines are coming and they haven’t worn anything but those dark green dresses since I can remember.”
The day of the party was a gorgeous April one, and the setting was perfect. Down in the meadow it was, along the banks of a brook. The dandelions and Sweet Williams acted as pages while the trilliums stayed in the background for color.
Two of the Maple girls wore dresses of tender red, while the other one had a silver gown that waved in the breeze.
One of the first guests to arrive was Weeping Willow. She looked very happy, however, in her frilly dress of light green. Along with her came her cousin Pussy in his little gray furry jacket that looked like it was ready to shed.
The majestic Elm and Sycamore came together and were humble on this afternoon as the Birches along the bank. The Poplar sisters, tall and graceful, were the talk of the party. They flirted continuously with the Wind boys.
Mrs. Oak came late with all her family, even scrubby little Jack.
“As soon as the Dogwood stops barking at Pussy Willow,” announced the hostess, “we shall have the brook sing a merry song.” The orchestra of robins, wrens and bumblebees played a few selections followed by a dance by the four Winds. The dance was beautiful until North Wind got so loud and boisterous that meek little Aspen trembled all over. He calmed down though when the Sun came out.
Most unexpectedly came April Showers who turned out to be the life of the party.