Saturday, September 5, 2015


From Maude Stella--When Great Grandmother was a girl they had no telephones, electric lights, automobiles, victrolas, aeroplanes or radio. I was telling her about the aeroplane I saw at the State Fair and I heard her whisper to Father, "What in the world is the dear child talking about?" Then something wonderful happened. 

It was at circus time. I bought Great Grandmother two balloons to remind her of when she was little like me. That evening we were out admiring a rainbow when we heard a noise in the sky and there was a big aeroplane flying like a bird right over our farm. Father carried Great Grandmother out to the edge of the pasture so she could get a good view. She had the strings of her balloons in her hand and she was so excited she let them go and up they flew. 

Next thing we knew, the 'plane was landing in our pasture! We all ran like the wind and Father carried Great Grandmother and what do you imagine? There, caught on the edge of one of the wings, was her red balloon bobbing about as jolly as you please! Great Grandmother was going to be ninety years old the next day and she said it was worth living so long to see so wonderful a thing as a "sky ship!" The only thing that went up when she was little was a balloon. Some difference, eh?

From Hazel Summers--Once when I was visiting Overton Park, I went to see the beasts. I saw a mother lion and her babies. How she roared at me! I saw the bear, tiger, elephant, camel, zebra and some monkeys. I also saw the fowls, rabbits and the snakes. After seeing all those things, I bought some pop corn, candy and ice cream. Then I went out to the playgrounds and had a splendid time. Then I went home and dreamed of my pleasant trip.

From Ella E. Lapoint--I live in Maine. One day last fall, two families and our family went clamming. We went in automobiles. We had to inquire the way to Searsport. The people said it was two miles. It was about twelve more! Papa got out of gas. The gasoline tank did not hold the amount we were told it did. We got to Searsport about one o'clock. We dug some clams and steamed them and had some for dinner. We ate in an old station because it was raining.

From Steena Shaw--In our county we are all working for a library. We live so far from town we cannot get books to read and no one can get the books at the Sunday School unless they belong. So an old lady who lives on the way to town said we could have our library in her front room. We gave two book socials and to get in you had to bring a whole year of a good magazine or a book. Now we have seven shelves of books in Mrs. Grafton's parlor and she is librarian for us. I have read Robinson Crusoe and Little Women and Bob, Son of Battle, and my baby sister had a Brownie Book to read. We just love our library.