Saturday, July 11, 2015

ARE YOU HAPPY? By E.H.C., North Dakota, June 1925

Dear Farmer's Wife:

Our happiness depends on ourselves and not our surroundings, our circumstances or our associates. It is not having what we want but making the most of what we have.

My desire has always been to have a home full of my own children, not three or four but a dozen or so with at least one pair of twins! Instead I find myself "an old maid," my sisters and brothers all away from home and my nieces and nephews so far away they seldom even come for a visit. But his old world is just full of children--I have some under foot most of the time--and there is a world of joy to be had from these children that are not our own. Then there may be a father, grandmother, grandfather, uncle or aunt in the home or near us who is hungry for the love that we could give them. Do not think their life is overfull of pleasure because they do not complain.

Have you lost one very dear to you? Do not waste your life pining and regretting. They are just a few steps ahead of us and waiting for us. Do what you cannot do for them for someone else. There are other children who need love; someone else's mother to whom you may be considerate and gentle; some young person away from home who could appreciate your help in any way. Do for them what you would wish done for one of your loved ones if among strangers. At the same time enrich your days and make a glow in your heart. All of us have happiness within us if we only cultivate it. Above all, never sour your heart with a grudge. Grudges are poison. What has happened to you is only "bad" in the degree you make it--forget it and be happy, if not because of your trouble, but in spite of it.


Sandra Henderson said...

This is so true. I lost my husband two tees ago and my children and grandchildren love far away.
After giving our home back to the federal government (had retained life estate for husbands life ) on cumberland island nations sensore Georgia, I moved to the smokeys mountains in nc. I didn't know anyone, but a family took me in as if a Part of theirs and made me feel welcome at holidays and special
Events. In the past, I have helped some in this way and I feel God really does give back to us in our times of need with the seeds we sew.

I so enjoy your blog

Anonymous said...

I loved and needed this article at this time in my life. Some things I had forgotten and reminders I needed. Thank you so much.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

'Grudges are poison.' Such a good quote, and I need to remember this.

Willow Lake Stitches said...

Beautiful, wise and inspiring words, and just as relevant today. Love your blog, thanks for sharing.

Beth, also from North Dakota, July 26, 2015

NaRong said...
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