Monday, May 5, 2014

HEALTH NOTES; by Dr. Ella S. Webb; 1910

In the early years of The Farmer's Wife magazine, "Health Notes" was a popular column. It was written by the editor, Dr. Ella Webb. She must have been a fascinating woman. Miss Webb, who was also the publisher's older sister, was born in India to Christian missionary parents. She was a "real" medical doctor--an amazing feat for a woman born in 1850. I like her common sense advice and plan to try some of her ideas.
Dr. Ella Susan Webb

A sensation of fatigue is Nature's warning that we need rest.

Fun, frolic and out-door play is the best medicine for children.

Olive oil taken regularly fills out and clears the skin. It should be taken in tablespoonful doses three times daily.

Deep breathing expands the lungs and broadens the chest improving the health and at the same time the figure.

Before the mornings become chilly accustom yourself to a sponge bath in cold salt water. If the vigorous rub with a coarse dry towel after the bath brings a warm glow of reaction the bath will be better than medicine in making and keeping you well.

With the first cold snap there is an impulse with many to close windows and doors. The warm air gained in this way is soon loaded with germs of disease far more dangerous to health than the cold air. Put on warmer clothing and allow free ventilation and exchange of air.

Lemon juice mixed with honey in a large cup of hot water makes a good gargle for a sore throat or a hacking cough.

An over-tired mother cannot make sunshine in the house. Try to take half an hour of complete rest sometime during the afternoon. If you were ill the children would have to get on without you. Leave some things undone while you sleep.

A few simple exercises before going to bed are beneficial to any woman, as they stretch the muscles, relax the nerves and assure a good night's sleep. Devote five minutes to simple movements with arms and legs; such as touching the floor with outstretched hands by bending the body only at the hips, clap hands together above the head, swing them backward far enough to touch, etc. Repeat five times, then exercise with the legs, swaying the body in such a way as to use all the muscles. This makes the circulation of the blood free and clears the complexion.