Wednesday, April 30, 2014

SORROW & COMFORT; February & April 1912

The first letter below is one of the very few sad letters that I have come across in The Farmer's Wife magazine.

It might come as a surprise to some people, but references to God, Jesus and the Bible were common place in The Farmer's Wife magazine. Although the publisher and editor were both Christians, that was not the only reason. The God of the Bible was accepted in everyday American life 100 years ago. It is more than a shame that He is usually banned in our present day. As a society, I can't see that we are any better for the change. lah

Dear Farmer's Wife:

Santa did not find us at all this Christmas, for the first day of November we buried our youngest daughter, 16 years old. We were at so much expense, we could not have Santa.

Will some of the sisters remember us in our sorrow and sadness? Let me hear from all the sisters, it will interest me and take the worry off my mind.

C.S. Ireland, Ohio

Dear Farmer's Wife

Mrs. C. S. Ireland has my deepest sympathy in the loss of her beloved daughter. It is indeed very hard to part with those who are so dear to us on earth. But dear sister, your little daughter is far better off than we are. My precious mother was called home when I was 15 years old and my little brother five years old and I am satisfied that she is much happier than we are. That has been 16 years ago, but I do get lonely and long for her, yet, any times. What a comfort it is, dear sisters, to know that if we live a devoted Christian life here upon earth that in the future we will all be united with those who are so dear to us. I have only one little girl of 10 years and am bringing her up to love and worship God. I think it is such a pity to see multitudes of homes where God is not reverenced at all.

Mrs. W. B. T., Tacoma, Wash.