Thursday, April 3, 2014

FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES; March 1939 & December 1931; Iowa

Dear Editor:

Although I have only two little girls, sewing, cooking, and cleaning and occasional outings keep me busy. After a particularly busy day I made the not-too-affectionate remark that they were "always under foot." Immediately the little one remarked, "Mommy, is we too many?" Too many? No baby of mine will ever feel again that she is anything but a precious little person.--Ashamed

Dear Editor:

Our little six-year-old had been getting perfect spelling lessons for some time. One day his paper was marked "Good+." This grade was nothing to worry about, but we questioned him as to his lower grade.

"It must be the depression, Mother," he said. "It does so many funny things."--Mrs. R.L.W.