Friday, April 25, 2014


I have lived on a farm all my life and settled the question of pin money to my entire satisfaction a number of years ago. Every woman on a farm can have good, steady income if she has the snap and vim to earn it. I put my surplus money in the bank, and when I want fifty dollars for a new rug or a bed room suite, or want to take a trip I go to the bank, draw out my money and no questions asked. How do I get my money? I earn every penny of it. How? Poultry, bees and small fruit.

I do all the housework and cook for what hired help is required on a one hundred and sixty acre farm. My money-making schemes are just a side issue. I commenced with poultry, Bronze turkeys and pure Plymouth Rock chickens. Have sold one hundred dollars' worth of turkeys in season; keep nearly a hundred Plymouth Rocks; sell eggs for setting in their season and sell crates and crates of eggs all the year around. I raise from 350 to 450 chickens for market in a year and my poultry buyer tells me I send the plumpest, heaviest lot of chickens to market.

Then I bought four stands of bees and they have increased fourfold. I take charge of them and market the honey and wax. They are a splendid investment.

Next I added small fruit. I have a large patch of raspberries, one row of current bushes, four hundred feet long, and a row of goose-berries, the same length, and one row of blackberries eight hundred feet long. I picked and sold fruit with but little assistance. I expect to have a row of raspberries eight hundred feet long planted out next spring in addition to what I have now. I have only a few strawberries as they come on the market in June, just as I am busiest with my bees and chickens, but I am thinking of putting out some and hiring pickers.