Friday, April 25, 2014


I have lived on a farm all my life and settled the question of pin money to my entire satisfaction a number of years ago. Every woman on a farm can have good, steady income if she has the snap and vim to earn it. I put my surplus money in the bank, and when I want fifty dollars for a new rug or a bed room suite, or want to take a trip I go to the bank, draw out my money and no questions asked. How do I get my money? I earn every penny of it. How? Poultry, bees and small fruit.

I do all the housework and cook for what hired help is required on a one hundred and sixty acre farm. My money-making schemes are just a side issue. I commenced with poultry, Bronze turkeys and pure Plymouth Rock chickens. Have sold one hundred dollars' worth of turkeys in season; keep nearly a hundred Plymouth Rocks; sell eggs for setting in their season and sell crates and crates of eggs all the year around. I raise from 350 to 450 chickens for market in a year and my poultry buyer tells me I send the plumpest, heaviest lot of chickens to market.

Then I bought four stands of bees and they have increased fourfold. I take charge of them and market the honey and wax. They are a splendid investment.

Next I added small fruit. I have a large patch of raspberries, one row of current bushes, four hundred feet long, and a row of goose-berries, the same length, and one row of blackberries eight hundred feet long. I picked and sold fruit with but little assistance. I expect to have a row of raspberries eight hundred feet long planted out next spring in addition to what I have now. I have only a few strawberries as they come on the market in June, just as I am busiest with my bees and chickens, but I am thinking of putting out some and hiring pickers.


gail said...

This woman was amazing. Makes me feel a bit lazy.
Would loved to have lived next door to her. I'm sure she could have taught me so much.
Blessings Gail

Miriam said...

Thank you for a new post! I'm glad comments are allowed again!

Laurie Aaron Hird said...

Hi Gail,

I totally agree with your comments. If there was a super woman in 1906, I think she was it!

And to Miriam, I plan to leave the comment section open in the future. Thanks to both of you for writing.

Ruthanne said...

Well, I for one am exhausted!

Laurie Aaron Hird said...

No kidding, Ruthanne, me, too! We are planning to plant raspberries this spring, but I can assure you, the row will not be 800 feet long!!

The Soap Sister said...

Thank you for your wonderful blog! My Grandma told us of how she, her mother and two sisters survived in the late '20's and early '30's by selling eggs and butter. This post reminded me of her -another very hard-working woman! :)

Shayla Sharp said...

okay, clearly I'm a slacker by this woman's standards! Wow, what an industrious person--it does make me want to do more.

Amy@10th Ave. said...

....I'm just wondering how she found time to keep up with facebook? Or her tv shows? Ahem.

Oh, to have the "side issues" she does!

Laurie Aaron Hird said...

She was an amazing woman, but as one of my daughters reminded me, she only had the same 24 hours a day as we have, so what was she leaving undone? I do think that there was "something." It would have been wonderful to interview her to get the story behind the story.

Thanks everyone for your comments!