Monday, March 24, 2014

A NEW DEAL FOR WOMEN; April 1936; Virginia

Dear Editor:
I, for one, think it's high time that we hear something about a New Deal for women. I make the motion, second it, and unanimously decide that we women initiate the following New Deal to begin on the next sunshiny day.

1.   A couple of hours off for rest and recreation each afternoon--and by recreation I don't mean darning socks or struggling over Junior's homework.
2.   A discard of all those faded, shapeless house dresses we've been wearing and some new ones of bright gingham, print or lawn (pink's a nice color. So's yellow. And don't forget the ruffles.)
3.   Less attention to dusty corners and more to face and figure--after all, John doesn't notice a shiny house so much as a shiny nose.
4.   More smiles and less spanks for Junior.
5.   More kisses and compliments for Friend Husband--"My, you're good looking this morning, darling."
6.   A rousing, peppy song several times a day, even if it does frighten the cat (she needs some excitement.)
7.   One meal a week of everything that you like instead of cabbage for John and cheese straws for Junior.
8.   A beautiful verse or quotation committed to memory every day.
9.   Time off to attend home demonstration meetings, club pow-wows, and other things, "just for myself."
10.  Less worrying--after all, what difference will it make a hundred years from now?

And remember--good humor is to a home what salt is to soup.