Thursday, October 10, 2013


Mrs. Annis Farnsworth wrote a column for The Farmer's Wife entitled, "Our Home Club." The following letters, published in the November 1913 issue, were in response to an earlier editorial piece written by her. Times have surely changed in the last one hundred years, but perhaps not always for the better.

 Please extend to me "both hands" this morning. I am in the fight for wider skirts, higher necks, longer sleeves and thicker waists. Our pastor says the form of dress today has a bad influence over everyone and cites how some cities have issued the mandate against slit skirts. He says we do not see the extent of it in the country. So narrow are some women's skirts in the cities that they fall on the sidewalk andthe policeman have to assist them "to foot" again.-- Mrs. E. T., Oklahoma

I was delighted to see the editorial screed about wider skirts, etc., in your last issue. Higher necks and longer sleeves are sorely needed, but so are more petticoats. If the country needs a reform of any kind just now it is on the dress question. I see the Minnesota Club women have endorsed a "two-yard-wide" skirt. Good! May the blessed work go on.-- Illinois Mother

Three cheers for your suggested campaign against narrow skirts. Let me join. And let every woman in the country get busy in the good work. My heart ached the other day when I met a sweet fifteen-year-old girl with a waist (blouse) cut so low that her busts were almost visible, unless she stood with the utmost rigidity. And her mother made the dress for her! When will mothers learn what such an influence on a young girl means to her future life?-- Mrs. L. A. C., Wisconsin