Sunday, September 15, 2013

I AM RICH; Wisconsin; 1937

I am rich. I have a home and no one there who can say to me, "Get out. You haven't paid your rent." The house is old, but I have such pretty new linoleum on the dining room floor and the sun is warm through the double south windows in the living room.

I am rich. I have a family. Son who is going on seven and full of the excitement of learning and living; Little daughter, sweet and jolly and almost five. There are dandy hills for coasting in winter and in summer the shade of big trees to play under.

I am rich. My time is my own to plan as I wish, to budget so there are moments for reading and writing. There is no more being just a little cog in a big wheel as I was before I married. Here I am the hub, though the wheel be small.

I am rich. I am young enough to plan for the future, but old enough to have learned to take life's bumps with springs that "give." I am young enough and well enough to fly about my work with light-hearted energy, but old enough not to fret at the inhibitions imposed by responsibilities.

I am rich. I have faith in God, hope for the future, the love of children, husband and friends. I have the necessities of life and few pleasures. What more could one want.