Thursday, August 15, 2013

A PRECIOUS HALF-HOUR (Nappy-time!! :) 1939

Dear Editor: I have four active boys--aged seven, five, three, and one and a half. We do a lot of entertaining for business and social reasons. Ordinarily I do all my own work in a nine-room house. I do some of the family sewing; washings are naturally large, and ironings usually take two days and mending never seems to be quite done. I attend a reasonable number of club and society meetings and evening bedtime stories must not be neglected.

But no matter how busy I am, no one can take away from me my precious half hour after the noon dishes are washed. I relax, stretched out on my own bed, sometimes even dozing a little. The oldest child is in school and the five-year-old does his coloring or cutting during that time. I call him my little policeman, who won't allow anyone to disturb Mother, which praise seems to encourage him to respect Mother's little siesta.

I could find plenty to do in that half hour, but I believe the time well spent and I can accomplish more after a little relaxation of both mind and body.

(I just love this letter! Laurie)