Monday, March 18, 2013


Early spring is moving time in the Midwest and all of us will have new folks in our communities.

Last year the Bryants moved in down the road a mile, but at first the roads were bad. By the time the roads were good, I was spending my time quietly at home awaiting the arrival of our new son. After that I hated to take four small boys to visit at the house of a stranger. She might not like children.

Later we heard they were attending the public dances which, in our community, are not desirable social affairs, and we thought perhaps we wouldn't care to know them.

This winter my husband traded work with Mr. Bryant, and I finally made my belated get-acquainted visit.

I found Mrs. Bryant a friendly, busy person. She likes children and never minds how much little folks play at her house. She and I like ever so many of the same things--sewing, reading, new recipes, psychology, visiting and not gossiping.

I learned that, in the community they came from, the whole family went to dances. When they found out the type of dances we have here, they stayed at home.

Already we are on the way to one of those rare "mutual benefit" friendships; it is my fault we wasted all these months.

This year I am going to call on all the new neighbors as soon as they are settled and no excuse.