Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Have you read about the Iowa lady who claims to be the champion dishwasher? With all the pride of an Olympic hero, she avers [to declare positively] that for thirty-four years she has done her dishes promptly after every meal.

How much the poor dear has missed by not learning the art of stacking the dishes and saving them for later! Now, honestly, wouldn't you be ashamed to admit that you had such bossy old dishes? That they let them run you? So much can be lost in the way of accomplishment, health and happiness by allowing any task to tyrannize over one.

It often proves a real saving of time and gas to accompany the husband on one of his hurry-up trips to town and do the family shopping rather than make an extra trip, even though the dishes must sit. Although you do not need to buy, the ride may do you good, give you a new slant on life and renewed vigor. Perhaps when the car goes it will be a good chance for you to make that long-promised call on your new neighbor or have a delightful visit with your old friend.

Front Side of Small Antique
Cardboard Needle Holder
It means so much in the way of accomplishment to do work when the spirit moves you. On certain days I just love to sew. At such time, if my family meal is not too large, I stack up all the dishes and just sew. On such days I sew well.

At other times, I will obey the call of the out-of-doors. On bright, blue October days I will hie [to go quickly] me out into the sunshine to rake the yard, dig up the cannas or plant tulips. Dishes can be done when the shadows are falling and I am the gainer in every way.

Then there are those stifling summer days when after rushing through work all morning, dinner is finally stowed away and dishwashing looms up. Have you not then had a very real attack of dishwasher's colic, when it seemed as though that job were the last straw? Of course, you could make yourself do them but at the cost of feeling fagged all the rest of the afternoon. An hour's rest immediately after dinner would put you in good trim for the rest of the day's work. Indeed, doctors tell us it is actually necessary to good health.

Reverse Side of the
Needle Holder--Measures
2.5" x 5"
Perhaps reading rests you. If so, proceed to get a new line of thought. What does it matter if some one calls and the dishes are unwashed? Don't apologize! Your reading should at least enable you to talk intelligently about other things than neighborhood scandal.

Live your life to suit your own needs instead of on the basis of what other people will think.