Friday, October 19, 2012

THIS GARDEN IS A TRAINING SCHOOL; by Mrs. F. C., Illinois; 1927

The work in the garden is practically mine and the children's. I consider it one of my greatest privileges and pleasures to be able to put in the garden and tend it.

From the time the children are old enough to understand I take them to the garden with me, show them how the seed is put in the ground and later how the plant and fruit comes from it. By leaving a short strip full of weeds, I show them how it stunts the life of plants. From this I tell them how bad habits can stunt their lives.

Not only do they learn about plants but while resting a bit we get acquainted with the birds who visit our garden for bugs and worms. From the birds we study the insects which do harm and those like the lady bug which are our friends.

Often, too, we work in the garden in the cool of the evening, that most peaceful time of the day. Here we watch a glorious sunset, or a storm coming up. This brings us to a realization of who is responsible for all these wonders and somehow out in the open, it seems easier to impress on little minds how all powerful our Heavenly Father is. That if it wasn't for Him and His goodness we would have no gardens, no birds, no sunsets, no great big world to enjoy.