Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It was always my intention to let the works that I print here speak for themselves with very little comment from me. But in doing so, I believe the blog became too impersonal. I have decided to change this a bit. I plan to post more and comment more, and I hope that you will add your comments, too. I also intend to include not just writings from old magazines (mostly The Farmer's Wife), but to include more pictures, advertisements and craft photographs, so that you can get a more complete understanding of what rural life was like in the early 1900s before World War II.  

Although this is probably more than obvious, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Laurie, the author of The Farmer's Wife and Pony Club Quilt books. I am a 56 year old Christian wife and mother to eleven children. My husband and I and the youngest five children live in southwest Wisconsin where I am a homemaker and homeschool mom. Our home is a very old farmhouse on 6.5 acres of pasture and woods. I love it here! I was raised in a suburb of Los Angeles, California, and I hope that I never take for granted the beautiful surroundings that God has blessed me with.

Our chicken coop
Our view to the east

I love the old ways, and am sad (as many people are) that our world has become the way it is. That is why I enjoy posting these old stories. They remind me of my childhood when "right was right" and "wrong was wrong." I don't mean to imply that everyone was obedient to the rules, far from it, but at least everyone "knew" what was acceptable, and what was not. Sadly, that knowledge is fast becoming lost. The Pony Club letters are especially dear to me because even though they were written 40 years before I was born, I can relate so much to the freedom that those children enjoyed. No, I didn't have a pony, but with my bike or my feet, I could travel miles from home and explore completely on my own. I am so sad that children nowadays cannot enjoy this freedom.

Our lilac bush and baby out to dry
Our wintertime path through the woods

So, the point of this blog is to "Remember the Past." I think that it is important to do so...