Friday, August 17, 2012


Our son, through his own efforts, is well started on the funds necessary for his future education.

He was ten years old in May and will enter the sixth grade this fall. At the age of four, he bought a young heifer for $20, part of which he received from his grandparents at his birth, the rest pennies and nickels that were earned in various ways. The heifer has given him a steer and two heifer calves. At seven, he and his sister bought a baby calf out of their small savings. At two years she had a roan steer. The children decided to dissolve partnership, so the girl took Nellie and Son took the steer. Now he has five head of cattle.

Three summers ago the children spent the summer with an aunt. Of her white flock of chickens they could have half of that year's rooster crop if they fed and watered the flock. From this venture, each realized nine dollars.

Last summer they put some of their money into several good roosters for the home flock and in the fall they received again half of the proceeds from the sale of roosters. They each invested in a small Poland China pig.

This summer the boy runs in and locks up the ducks each night in order to get the eggs in the mornings. For this he will get one duck this fall to sell.

He plans to attend the Montana Agricultural College.

Note: I was impressed with the work ethic of this boy. I'm sure that he grew to be a very responsible, hard working man.

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Kathy said...

Interesting that at this young age he is saving money for college. This has to be a goal supported and encouraged by his parents. Obviously living on a farm gave him opportunities that city kids wouldn't have had.