Monday, August 6, 2012



We live on an eighty-acre farm, only part of which is under cultivation and as the regular income from farm and cream checks barely keeps the family, there is no possible chance to lay aside anything for the future schooling of the children.

I decided it was up to me to start a side line and went to the "head" with my scheme. Husband-fashion, he said, "It can't be done."

I went ahead however and in addition to the regular garden, planted one-fourth acre of cucumbers. The first season I sold direct to the salting station located in our nearest town. I cleared $50 on my green pickles but as my vines were still bearing when the salting station closed, I decided to salt all that I picked during the late fall rains. I did this and then during the early part of the winter the pickles were freshened in a vat made of a hardwood barrel with the head removed and a faucet inserted near the bottom. I used various recipes, put up my product in wooden pails labeled with the variety they contained and sold direct to hotels, club houses and restaurants. Also sold on a commission to butcher shops and grocery stores.

I used pint jars as samplers and gave them to every customer to try before buying.

I had splendid success. This year, I have one acre. The children help pick and are really interested for they know what the money is to be used for. We call it "our school fund."

To guard against borrowing from this sum when crops are poor or things are needed, I have invested it in small real estate loans running five years. We cannot borrow from it so never think about it, and we get along fine and with my boy only four years off from high school I am not worrying.---Mrs. L. B., Minnesota