Monday, June 4, 2012

FAVORITE PONY CLUB EXCERPTS from The Farmer's Wife Pony Club Sampler Quilt

Pony Winners All in a Row

I was typing this page of favorite Pony Club excerpts for another purpose. I then thought, "Why not post them on this blog?" They always make me smile.

(Note: Pony Names are in quotes)

There isn't a store in town where "Larry" hasn't been in. He goes in the drug store and the druggist knows he wants ice cream and he bows enough to say, "Yes." He gives him a cone of ice cream and "Larry" will eat every bit of it and then looks for more. Then he will drink pop and root beer right out of a glass in the drug store. Then the druggist gives him some gum and he will chew the gum and I am on him back all the time. (By Wilford Schaffer, Grant County, Minnesota; page 179)

One day a man said to me, "Will you trade "Bingo" for a forty acre farm?" I told him I would not part with "Bingo" for any amount of money or anything else. Mother and Father love "Bingo" just almost as much as I do. (Jeanette Lansing, Dixon County, Nebraska; page 94)

Jeanette McCown and "Rustler"
My papa sent our driver to the depot to see if "Rustler" was there and sure enough he was, the dearest, Easter gift in the world. He took him out of his crate and led him home. I was sitting in the dining room when I noticed mamma jump up and run to the door at the sound of something walking through the store. (Note: The family's home was in the back of their store.) "Rustler" was brought through the store into the dining room and right away brother and I saddled him and rode him around the room. We hugged and kissed him many times that night. (Jeanette McCown, Floyd County, Indiana; page 70)

Myrtle Pearl and "Winkle" at the post office
When I received your good letter telling me I had won "Winkle," I just leaped for joy and clapped my hands. I ran to the telephone and told my aunt I had "Winkle" and his outfit and she was so overjoyed she ran about one-half mile across a cornfield to break the news to grandpa about my success. Aunt is a large fleshy woman and just imagine how funny she looked running across the cornfield to break the news to grandpa. (By Myrtle Pearl Holbrook, Wilkes County, North Carolina; page 123)

I must tell you some of the cut things my pony "Sweetheart" does. One day mamma was picking cherries and "Sweetheart" was around the tree so he knocked the ladder down and mamma had to stay up in the tree for some time until someone came and put the ladder up for her. She scolded "Sweetheart" and told him to go and amuse himself somewhere else, so he chased the chickens until he caught one by the tail. Then he trotted back under the tree mamma was in and held the hen in his mouth and looked up at mamma as much as to say, "This is something new." He does so many cute things. (Lillias. E. T. Howe, Nevada County, California; pages 100-101)

Irene Brooks and "Ray"
I am not going to drive "Ray" any this summer or ride him, just let him enjoy life. He is just too cute for anything. I am going to teach him to say his prayers and then I am going to take him to Sunday School with me. Everyone is just wild over him. (Irene Brooks, Cheshire County, New Hampshire; page 63)

Then several days passed by and our pony had not yet come and nearly everybody was saying we would not get a pony...till one morning when the 10:30 train came in, there was "Sunshine." Our house is just across the street from the schoolhouse and we were at school, but we did not stay there long after we saw the pony. Neither did the rest of the children. Our yard was full in five minutes after "Sunshine" was uncrated. There was no more school for the rest of that day. (Eva and Darold Huddleston, Beadle County, South Dakota; page 63)

"Hector" rides on the automobile sometimes and that makes him feel like he is the biggest horse in the country, but when he is down again, he sees that he is only a little Shetland Pony...I was riding into the house one day to see what mamma was doing but she turned me out because the pony was chewing on some sugar. He is always climbing on the table looking for something to eat, but I won't give him anything because that isn't nice. (Verna Beerbohm, Cuming County, Nebraska; pages 176-177)