Monday, April 30, 2012


Letter #1 We still have girls with the pioneer spirit! Isn't this a new idea? Lucy Frederick's (Wisconsin), ambition is to be an employee of a government or state game preserve. She says, “I have always been interested in the out-of-doors and its inhabitants. I have always had animals around me, both domestic and wild to feed during the winter months. Of course, I know it's strange for a girl to want such a position; yet I don't see why one in good health with a good education and a desire for out-door life cannot do it.”

Letter #2
In April the country girl is in her glory. She sees the first crocus come through the soft ground and watches the daffodils open up their faces to the sun. She spies on Robin Red Breast to see where she builds her nest, and she delights in the croaking of the frogs. What fun to watch the lambs and calves kick up their heels in the pasture! And better still, to make each of them a jolly pet!

Letter #3 “Advice Column”
At school I feel miserable because I am lonely and my classmates go by themselves. I am left alone for the recess and noon periods to read, write, or do something else which I do not enjoy. I have to do this to keep from getting lonely. All this makes my head ache terribly, and my heart ache, and makes me ill-tempered and feel like doing something terrible. I think the trouble is that my desire to join in their games and sports is too great, and because I do not get enough exercise during the day. I never smile because I am too unhappy. I am 14.--A miserable 6th Grader, Michigan.

Little Sixth Grader, won't you give me your name and address, so I my answer your other questions personally? Will you promise to do one thing even if it is hard? From the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed—smile!! Do it until your face hurts from over-exercise, and the “achey” feeling around your heart will be forgotten. Say something jolly to all your school mates. The minute the bell rings say, “Let's go play,” and be one of the first ones out. Above all, never feel sorry for yourself. Play hard and be a good loser. What I have suggested will be the hardest thing you ever did, but it will be worth it.