Monday, April 23, 2012


Mildred Draper of Ohio seems to be one of our lively girls who doesn't miss a thing. She says, “I'm just another girl who has no particular problem—just wanted to write 'for fun.' I have come to the conclusion that I haven't any hobby. Instead I have hobbies!--many of them. I cannot decide what I like to do best, write letters, or poems, draw pictures, ride, drive a car, read or play the piano.” Mildred collects poems and writes them when she's “in the humor,” and she also has a box of pictures she has drawn besides many which she has collected. She enjoys riding--”in anything from a Lizzie to a Pierce-Arrow (or a wheelbarrow!!!)”

Gertrude Anton, North Dakota, enjoys her community. She says they have a party nearly every month. “We always enjoy ourselves at these parties, and they give us something to look forward to. One always feels better to have a little pleasure mixed in between the working days. We like coasting and skating, too. If it is too cold to go out, we stay indoors to play games and pop corn.”

Elizabeth Wilson of Indiana didn't waste time in writing to our page for she wrote the first day she found it. At first you'll feel sorry for her when she says, “I live on a poor farm!”--but at that she likes it. “My father is superintendent of the Infirmary (Note from Laurie. Perhaps this was an "old folks" home?) and my mother is matron. We have an apartment in the same building with the inmates. With the 102 inmates we have quite a large family. I enjoy it here as something new and exciting happens every day.” Perhaps some other time Elizabeth will tell us about “the old negro lady who is over 100 years old.”

What a good way to spend Sunday afternoon Dellora Glebe, Minnesota, tells about. "Five girls and six boys gathered at a neighbor's one afternoon. When tiring of other games we tried impromptu dramatics. We dressed up in clothes to impersonate various people and each one put on a little act. We had the best time!"