Monday, February 13, 2012

JOYS OF A HOUSEKEEPER'S HEART; by "Happy" from Minnesota; 1935

Dear Editor:

I'm so happy tonight that I just had to share my happiness with others, and I thought the best way would be through a letter to other women who are readers of The Farmer's Wife.

The reason is that we will move soon into a new house where we will have new linoleum for the kitchen, a new range and rocker and a beautiful lamp. And soon we are to have a radio--the only one we've ever owned.

I think any housekeeper would be happy who is to have all this at once. Even the commonplace task of scrubbing will take on glamour through the brightness of the linoleum. There will be such satisfaction in putting away shining dishes in the built-in cupboard, and the lamp will add so much enjoyment to our long evenings.

But best of all I have a loving husband and two beautiful babies to share it.