Sunday, January 1, 2012


As old 1930 slips away and 1931 comes in, we'd like to break up our New Year's greeting to you into 365 parts, and for each morning of the next year wish you a "Happy New Day!"

When a good friend calls out to us, "Happy New Year," his wish seems rather large and therefore somewhat vague. It covers such a lot of territory. But if he said, "I wish you a Happy New Day," the thing wished for would not be too large to be within our grasp.  Moreover, we would feel that we could do something about it ourselves. It is not impossible to make one new day a happy one, but as for the whole of the coming year!--that seems altogether out of the question.

And when it comes to making decisions about correcting errors, and about making life and its labors count for better things in the home, on the farm, in the community, and in every other relationship, a resolution for a single day at a time seems so much more likely to be fulfilled than for a year at a time.

Day by day adjustment of life is so much easier--putting aside today's errors and tribulations at eventide, saving for tomorrow only the wisdom and joy gleaned today, entering upon the morrow with a fresh courage that is sufficient for the tasks that lie immediately at hand. There must be plans for more than a day ahead, of course, but the fulfillment of any plan, and of life itself, comes only day by day.

So we wish you a "Happy New Day" for each day of the new year. And to remind you daily of our wish we give you this bit of anonymous verse to fasten to your kitchen cupboard door where you may see it, every day:

I heard a voice at evening softly say,
   Bear not thy yesterday into tomorrow,
   Nor load this week with last week's load of sorrow.
Lift all thy burdens as they come, nor try
   To weigh the present with the by and by.
One step and then another, take thy way;
   Live day by day.