Tuesday, January 31, 2012

KEEP A STIFF UPPER-LIP; A Woman From Minnesota; 1931

There's so much talk nowadays about hard times that it would be really discouraging if we listened and believed all we hear. Are we as bad off as we like to make believe? Don't most of us have three meals a day, shelter, decent clothing, and a car?

Certainly we don't have as much as we would like to have, and we don't make the money we did while the war was going on, but after every war there's a period of unrest, lower prices, and less buying. It costs money, much money, as well as lives, to win a war, and the people have to pay in taxes to make this up. Most of us know little about really hard times such as the people of European countries are having, or even those of our own cities. They are much worse off than we are.

So let's not go around with long faces, talking of "hard times." Let's keep a stiff upper-lip, make over our old clothing for the children, save where we may, without sacrificing the health of the family, and help Friend Husband all we can. Let's do the best possible with what we have, and see what a happy home we can make.