Monday, July 11, 2011

FUN FOR THE BOYS; New York; circa 1935

How shall we entertain our young people during vacation? This question came to us a year ago as we had two grown boys who needed a change and amusement during vacation, also we had two younger kiddies.

We decided to take a small unused building and move it to a quiet spot in a remote corner of the farm by the side of a stream. There surrounded by trees and flowering bushes, not far from a spring, we made our haven. Picnic tables, benches and a fireplace were built and soon our little cabin had a large, partly-sided porch from willows, cut by the men-folks. Boards from an old fence served as roof, covered with tar paper which was the only expense.

Cots were added and the boys spent their nights and leisure hours there during the hot weather. The fishing was good, with a boat anchored at the dock for convenience. Also there was a diving board and swimming place near by.

Our city relatives and friends drive for miles to come to this restful place with their well-filled picnic baskets. Even Fourth-of-July fireworks in the city were of no interest to them.