Friday, June 10, 2011

NOON-TIME MELODY; part 5; by Myar Hansen; 1937

“Now don't get excited, Susie,” Paul tried to sooth her. “There's no chance in a hundred that they'll be out your way. I just thought I'd give you a little free advertising.”

“Oh!” Susie drew out the exclamation faintly. “But isn't there some kind of a reward?”

“A big one,” Paul said hurriedly. “The Banker's Association will--”

“I'm so glad!” Susie cut in.

And while Paul's mouth dropped open in astonishment, she went on to explain.

Paul whistled finally. “Gee, that's great! I'm going to put it over the air!” He started to hang up the receiver and then called again: “Susie! The next record I play is for you. Listen for it.”

Mr. Reynolds tried to ask him what it was all about. “Listen in,” Paul said hurriedly and opened and closed the glass studio door.

He put his mouth to the microphone.

Here's a rare treat for you radio listeners. Here's news so hot the police don't know it yet. Are you listening, police?

The two masked men who help up the County Trust Company this noon turned their sedan off the main road at the Corners, ten miles above here on U.S. 7. They took the road that leads past Aunt Carey's place.

Aunt Carey, previously warned by this station that they were coming, kept out of sight as we advised. But first she took a bagful of large-headed roof nails and sprinkled them all over the place. Uncle Carey got out his double-barreled shotgun and loaded it, just in case.

The black sedan came thundering past just about as soon as they were finished. Aunt Carey says she heard distinct reports like shots as tires blew out. Then there was a crash. She says Uncle Carey didn't need his shotgun because both of the men were unconscious under their car upside down in the ditch.

Are you listening, police?

The two men who held up the County Trust Company this noon are now locked in the Carey's root cellar. Better go get them, but look out for nails in the road.

Complete details will be found in this afternoon's edition of the News.

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