Monday, June 6, 2011

NOON-TIME MELODY; part 4; by Myar Hansen; 1937

He put the music back on.

Gosh, if only he were not tied down here with his broadcast, he'd go out and chase around looking for those holdup men himself. Probably everyone with cars in the twenty mile area reached by this station, were already out cluttering up the roads. That ought to show the state police authorities that they should come alive and put in a radio car system for their troopers.

Just about then another bright idea hit Paul. Mr. Reynolds might get sore—but Aunt Carey's would come in for a lot of free publicity. Besides, he'd be keeping interest up in Station WACX. Too, he'd be doing a good deed by getting some of the curious off the main road and leave it free for the police.

He spoke into the microphone again.

Here's more news of the holdup. The two robbers are believed to be the same pair who held up the Lamoille Bank last week.

I have a special message for Aunt Carey, up past the Corners. Everybody knows Aunt Carey who cooks those wonderful chicken dinners. Gosh, I'm getting hungry just thinking of them.

Are you listening, Aunt Carey?

The holdup men are supposed to have turned off the main road in your direction. Keep out of sight, as these robbers are desperate and would think nothing of shooting to kill if they thought you recognized them and would warn the people. Keep out of sight!

It was scarcely five minutes later that Paul saw Mr. Reynolds motioning to him again. “Quick. A phone call! Party says it's a matter of life or death!” cried Mr. Reynolds.

Paul recognized Susie's voice immediately. She sounded strangely agitated.

“Paul, it's about those holdup men,” she began.