Monday, April 11, 2011

YES, I AM KNITTING; by A Farm Wife; May 1918

Yes, I am knitting sweaters. No, I do not neglect my housework or any other duty. Also I am practicing conservation down to the very crumbs and I am doing work that I never tired to do before. For my knitting I use time that would otherwise be wasted as far as my hands are concerned tho I have never found much time to waste--the days have never had enough hours. I knit in my car, at lectures and at club meetings, in odd moments of waiting when ordinarily I would pick up a bit of light reading or when nerves and body demand that I sit still and relax. Do you think I am ostentatious, to carry my knitting about publicly? You many think so if you like, but just the same my sweaters seem to me to grow rather magically. And you say that a knitting machine can do the work better and more quickly than a hundred women can? Probably true--undoubtedly true. But a knitting machine takes capital to set up. The knitting that I and my countless sisters are doing takes no capital to start, is redeeming thousands of otherwise wasted hours and is winning back to usefulness many women who are physically unable to render other service or who have for years regarded themselves as exempt from the common lot of toil.