Monday, March 14, 2011

PIN MONEY FROM CHILD BOARDERS; Part 2; by Ethel E. Beach; 1930

Children are not as exacting as adult boarders would be, and are no particular trouble, as we provide outdoor interests. They have a large yard to play in and a little shop all their own where they build bird houses and such. I see that they are supplied with nails and packing boxes to work with. They make play houses, go wading in a shallow creek below the house, play in the hay mow, and gather eggs. They play mumblety-peg, marbles, pitch horse shoes, play leap frog, and fly kites which they make in their work shop, and usually there are enough children on hand to play football and baseball. Last year the older boys built a lovely little log cabin in our woods, from which each parted with painful regret. They assured me they would return later, and that I was not to let anything happen to the log cabin in the meantime. We endeavor to grant each child under our care all the privileges that the average farm child enjoys. The child is invariably delighted beyond words, consequently a good report is given the parents and steady customers are assured.

In advertising for child boarders I clearly state that references will be required, and also given. The references which I furnish are from satisfied parents of former child boarders. The references furnished by parents of prospective child boarders are rigidly investigated. This precaution is very necessary and indeed important, as parents who have reared their child carefully have a right to every assurance that he will not come in contact with a child who has bad habits. As an additional precaution, each new child boarder is spoken to in private regarding the type of conduct expected of him, and is given clearly to understand that any infringement of rules will result in his being returned to his parents, or, in the event of parents being out of town, that he can expect to be isolated from the other children. The reasons back of these rules are carefully explained to the child. I am proud to state that I have never yet found it necessary to return or isolate even one child.