Friday, March 11, 2011

PIN MONEY FROM CHILD BOARDERS, part 1, by Ethel E. Beach, 1930

For several years I have made pin money by keeping child boarders. It is surprising what a demand there is for this form of service. Our home is a large twelve-room farm house. We never require all these room for our own use; so for many years they stood empty. One year crops were almost a total failure, and my poultry did very poorly. We were in distressing need of cash. Then the mail carrier brought a letter from an old friend who asked if I would care for her boy for a while with her paying me what I thought it would be worth. I offered to keep the child without charge. She would not hear of this, and finally proposed paying me seven dollars per week, and one dollar per week extra for laundry.

The child was quite contented with us, but there were no other little folks for him to play with; so one day I decided to get another child for company. I placed an advertisement for a child boarder in the home paper, stating the service I had to offer and price. I received immediate response to my advertisement and within a week I had six child boarders instead of one. We needed cash, we had many unused rooms, and delighted to obtain what we had to offer. Many parents took that long talked-of vacation that year. Meantime the children stayed with me and had the best time they had ever had.

The period of each child's stay averaged two weeks. I have children come back year after year. Some of the older boys save during the winter and come out and spend a week or two on the farm where there are lots of fried chicken, peas, hot biscuits, and pie.