Friday, February 25, 2011


Mrs George L. Renner; Sioux Falls, South Dakota:

A congregationalist but since there is no church of her denomination in the community has been superintendent of a Lutheran Sunday school 10 years. School board chairman eight years, treasurer of county farm bureau, district chairman of Federated Women's clubs. "Often I have let the kitchen floor go to write a letter to a shut-in or sick person, and I think it paid."

Mrs. Willis H. Davis; Hitchcock, South Dakota:

Came to new South Dakota farm in 1881 as a bride and pioneer farm homemaker. "A successful home is one that develops men and women of Christian character." Home library contains more than 600 books. Poultry and garden add $400-$500 a year to income.

Mrs. George H. Gallaher; Wheat, South Dakota:

"The best career for a woman is to raise a good, honorable family. Has four children, two in school and two helping farm the the home place. Active in farm women's camp, women's department at county fair and farm women's club.

"I'm sorry that we do not have some of the conveniences we would like, but we have felt that our children's education should come first." President home demonstration club, active in church work.

Mrs. J. B. Taylor; Cleveland, South Dakota:

Winner of local house dress contest, chairman school improvement committee, president women's work in the church, Sunday school teacher. Husband, wife and children are partners in 463 acre farm business.

Mrs. Hal B. Walker; Greenville, South Dakota:

"If more farm women felt that they were not neglecting a sacred duty every moment they are not doing hard work there would be more happy homes. We have every reason to be the happiest group of women. Just now our great trouble is lack of recreation. We need to get away from home occasionally, even if only for an afternoon or a day."

Mrs. W. C. Hefner; Burnsville, South Dakota:

Chief ambition is "to make good homemakers of my eight daughters and a good husband of my son. We may never give our children much of this world's material goods, but we hope to give them education and training enough to enable them to make their own way to be happy."

Mrs. Charles L. Pitzer; Martinsburg, South Dakota:

Sunday school teacher 28 years. Since husband's death has managed several farms with son-in-law's help. Home considered one of most attractive in county.