Monday, January 10, 2011


Dear Editor:

I was much interested in the letter of Doorkeeper, for it seems that here is one person, as least, who really appreciates what the young people of today are up against. As she says, our plans certainly have gone “haywire.”

My schooling is finished and there is no work to be had. This summer has found me at home with nothing more interesting to do than to experience growing pains. For a time I had my back to the wall, but at least the door has opened, and I have learned how to be satisfied.

No, Doorkeeper, it isn't birdlore, nor music, nor even dancing. It's simply keeping busy. It's being interested in everything. Planting flowers, feeding chickens, doing the many little things around the farm that I used to ignore, has kept me busy and has given me satisfaction.

I have found good comrades in the neighborhood. And how we have enjoyed the picnics and old-fashioned parties we have had!

So, members of this Younger Generation, get wise to yourselves! Don't sit around and mope because you haven't the opportunity to go to school or to get a job. Get interested in things around you. Plant something and try to see beauty in everything. Call the neighbor's children and have a party. Keep busy! Grab yourself a handful of sunshine and paste an old-fashioned country grin on your face! You, too, can find a door in the wall.