Thursday, December 9, 2010


It is expected that approximately two million Christmas packages will be sent from this country to the fighters Overseas. Officials of the War Department, the Post Office Department and the American Red Cross have worked out a plan whereby every soldier can receive one Christmas package and only one from the United States.

The men themselves will decide who is to send these parcels. They have been given, each man, one Christmas-parcel label with instructions to mail these labels to the person in this country from whom they wish to receive the holiday box. Packages that do not bear these labels will not be accepted. Lost labels cannot be replaced.

The American Red Cross will provide cartons, 3” x 4” x 9” in size and will make itself responsible for the distribution receipt at designated points, inspection and mailing of the boxes.

No Christmas parcels will be received for shipment after November 20.

This all may seem hard lines to us who long to pour out our love in many gifts but WE ARE AT WAR and, considered in that light, it seems wonderful that Uncle Sam can add ANY provision for our Christmas packages to his other heavy responsibilites. Let us help him by strict compliance with every regulation.--The Editor of The Farmer's Wife.