Friday, November 19, 2010

JANET MAKES HER OWN WAY; part 6; by Mabel Hester Green; 1929

November 24, 1928

I'm discouraged tonight.

Smoke-ups (What does that mean, I wonder? LA)came out today. I got five hours in math. I never could understand old math anyway.

The smoke-up has done one good thing for me though, it has shown me I had another friend.

Martha Ellis, one of the quieter, sensible girls, came to the room to tell me not to feel too blue about math. The old dear is majoring in the stuff and has promised to help me with it. She is sure she can pull me through.

I'll have to study harder from now on. No more lengthy letters from yours truly until she fools Prof. Wade. Janet

Dear Mart:

I have discovered a new method of making money. Miss Douglas recommended me to the Ferbers (who run the bookstore) as a refined, dependable girl to stay with their children at nights!

Occasionally I am called over to stay with the youngsters while their parents are away on business or pleasure. The children usually go to sleep, as all good children should, giving me a chance to study. My financial status is quite satisfactory.

Father and Mother sent me a Christmas box with a few new clothes--enough to last until spring, if I'm careful. Mother picked them out, of course. Two of the darlingest dresses. I'm very elated. I was getting quite threadbare.--Janet

Miss Ellsworth:

In reply to yours of the 6th I would say that, indeed, I'm not becoming a grind.

I work hard for me, but I have my activities book which came with paying my fees and which takes me to games and concerts.

Jim, the faithful old dear, hasn't cut me like most of the frat men did, and takes me to a show or dance once in a while when I have an evening that I can spare. We girls have our good times in our rooms.

Then we are playing ball in gym. Rah! Rah! Rah! for me. I think I'll make the team.

I don't have time to do lots of things the other girls do, though. Some time I'd like to come to college for a year without working. As it is I'm rushed to death from morning to night and think I'm lucky if I have an evening or so off a week. But one can't have everything.

Finals are week after next. You won't hear from me for some time. Janet