Friday, November 26, 2010

JANET MAKES HER OWN WAY; part 8; by Mabel Hester Green

May 23, 1929

I'm preparing for finals.

Pray for me.

School will soon be over. But my, how I hate leaving the Hall and the friends I've made there. Sarah and Elizabeth Pentree are going to visit me this summer, though. I can scarcely wait for that.

I love this old school, with all its work.

Father and Mother are coming for Commencement exercises—going to drive up since it's cheaper and they can take me back with them. Janet

May 31, 1929

Enclosed find clipping. I'm too overwhelmed to write.
(From the Student Reporter)

“Miss Janet Ellsworth, of Frankfort, has been awarded the Mary Welch Randolph prize given annually to the freshman woman of this college who has shown the most initiative, originality, and womanliness during her year on the campus.

“Miss Ellsworth, the winner of the award, has maintained a good scholastic record, was captain of the coed freshman basketball team, has paid the greater part of her expenses for the year by work done while in school, and is popular on the campus because of her true womanliness.

“The prize will be presented at Commencement exercises.”--Janet.

June 5, 1929
Dearest Mart:

I'm so happy.

Commencement is over. We go home tomorrow. But the reason I am happy is that Father is proud of me.

And Mart, he says that next year he is going to send me to school and pay all of my expenses that he can, and that if I want to join a sorority I may!

I'm going to keep my place at the bookstore, but I'm glad that I won't be responsible for earning every penny I spend next year. I'm glad, too, that Father feels encouraged over his financial affairs. While it will be hard going for some time yet, he seems to feel that the worst pinch is over.

Well, working has many, many disadvantages, but I don't believe this year has hurt me any. I wouldn't recommend it as a general practice for all girls. I happen to have good health, quite a little pep and ambition, and have always been a fairly good student. That helps a lot. But I'll sure take a good rest and get caught up on sleep when I get home. Mother says I'm as thin as a rail.

I guess sororities do have some use for girls who work. Anyway, I've pledged Chi Theta and will live in the house next fall.

Tonight Elizabeth, Sarah, and I are going for a last walk through the campus by moonlight and then it's “Goodby, dear college, until September.” Love,--Janet.

The end...