Friday, November 5, 2010

JANET MAKES HER OWN WAY; part 2; by Mabel Hester Green, 1929

The other advice he gave me doesn't worry me either--that was that I had better not join a sorority this year, even if I was asked. I want to get acquainted first, anyway. Then I'll know which one I want. I am rather thrilled over my two rush dates, a tea tomorrow afternoon and dance that night.

I'm just a tiny bit homesick tonight, though, in spite of all the thrills. I went over the place for a last goodby look before Father drove me to the station. I'll miss it loads. I can just imagine the family sitting down to supper just about this time and the breeze coming in at the window and the frogs croaking down in the pasture. Don't forget to write to your little sister.---Janet

Memorial Hall, September 26, 1928
Dearest Mart:

I have gone to classes two days.
Registration was a pain, but the rest of the red tape wasn't so bad. I had to write out the family history and pedigree and take an all-over test to find out whether I could spell and whether I had flat feet. Since then we've been left in peace.

I'm taking mathematics, French, English composition, and typewriting--and, oh, yes, gym.

Mathematics scares me. Prof. Wade is a cross looking little man. He sure does assign lessons, too. We have twenty--think of it--twenty problems to work for tomorrow.

We are to write an autobiography for English composition. I'd like to read the story of Miss Osborne's life. (She's the teacher.) I'll bet it's been exciting. She has red hair and she may make things exciting for us.

Oh, and I do wish you could see ze leetle French professor with his leetle moustache. I keep my eyes on my book in that class. I would explode with laughter if I looked up at him.

The typewriting teacher is sweet. If I work real hard at my typing maybe I can get a job in about a month. Fees and first month's room and board made quite a hole in my bank account.

But I think Father can help me later. It's only a matter of time.---Janet