Friday, January 28, 2011


I put my wood box on caster. Now it is much easier to move it when I clean, and on muddy days it can be moved to the door to be filled with wood and saves cleaning the kitchen floor again. F.C., Minnesota

The thread in my sewing basket was always in a tangle until I discovered this kink.
I removed the cover from a talcum powder can, cleaned the can and put six spools of thread in it, three rows of two spools each. I ran the end of the thread from each spool through a separate hole in the cover and replaced it on the can. This permits me to pull the thread though as I need it and it is never tangled. Mrs. F.C., Texas

Use an egg timer to measure your time when making a long distance call. Place a three-minute egg timer near you. As soon as the connection is made, turn the egg timer over. This will save you overtime charges, which are often quite large. V.L.T., New York

If there is no fenced-in place for the youngster to play in, and if he is inclined to run away, put a small clear-toned bell, attached to a strap on his arm. Small children cannot unfasten this and he can always be located without leaving your work to find him. Mrs. I.F., Indiana

A small clock is a necessity in the sick room, but often its ticking will irritate a nervous patient. To overcome this, cover the clock with a glass bowl. It can be seen, but not heard. E.M., Illinois

A small board cut the size of the inside of a sewing machine drawer and with nails driven in it about two inches apart, makes an ideal place to keep spools of thread. Arrange spools with the number up and each color by itself. S.B.W., Indiana