Monday, October 25, 2010


Mrs. H. E. Slusher, Lexington, Missouri:
Four children; 700-acre rented farm. Farming the Slusher homestead, obtained from the government just a century ago. Taught school in Los Angeles four years before marriage but prefers the farm and hopes to retire there. Whole family has annual examinations by doctor and dentist. Has kept home expenses accounts for eleven years.
"I'd have to live a hundred years to get the things done I'd like to do."

Mrs. Eugene Frank, Shirley, Illinois:
Eight children; farm 1,500 acres. Four sons still at home, partners in seed corn business. Three grandchildren come from Pittsburgh every summer "because the farm is the best place for them." Believes in providing recreation at home and has a pool table in the attic for the boys. Often entertains big delegations that come to see the seed corn and recently had one hundred forty Rotarians for dinner. Has been active in home bureau, History and Art club, Woman's club, Republican Women's club and Community club. On the school board for 12 years.
"I am not a very good housekeeper but aim to be a good homemaker, wife and mother."

Mrs. W. R. Eygabrood, Geneva, Illinois:
Two children, 100-acre rented farm. Although they rent the farm, Mrs. Eygobrood has made an ugly house into an attractive home. She painted floors that were a dirty yellow color, put fresh paper over dark colored walls, made unfinished upstairs into pleasant sleeping rooms, using homemade rugs and curtains. Bought her own pump and got water in the kitchen. Makes $500 a year with poultry.
"The motto in her home: 'Not yours, not mine, but ours.'"

Mrs. M. E. Craven, Livia, Kentucky:
Five children; 414-acre diversified farm; one of her chief ambitions is to make her own and her husband's parents happy and she has insisted that her mother-in-law have the best room in the house.
"I want most for my children, good health, good characters and good education."

Mrs. Louis Diebel, Jeffersontown, Kentucky:
Four children; 12-acre truck and flower farm; children are active in 4H clubs; for several years lived in the same house with her parents-in-law, two brothers-in-law and two sisters-in-law, and says "a happier family couldn't have been found."

Mrs. O. H. Lukens, Kent, Ohio
Five children; 37-acre truck farm; has four hired men to cook for most of the year; hobby is drawing plans for new farm homes and for remodelling old ones; believes much credit "for any success I have attained" should go to her husband for his co-operation.
"I believe every child should be educated for intelligent parenthood."