Friday, October 15, 2010

PLANT A TREE FOR BABY; by Mr. & Mrs. L. E. Potter; 1932

To plant a blue spruce for every grandchild is the plan of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Potter, living on Shady Lane Farm near Springfield, Minnesota.

They now have thirteen grandchildren and twelve spruce trees in their yard. A thirteenth will be planted for a baby who recently arrived. The oldest child and tree are now nineteen years of age.

"When we plant a tree it is quite an occasion," says Mrs. Potter. "After grandfather has tamped the ground and finished the job we place a stake there, two inches square, painted white with the child's name in black letters.

"It has been an interesting plan and we have taken a great deal of pleasure in it. It has increased the interest of all of us in the home farm, and it has been a reminder through the years of our family unity."

Of all the trees on the farm the grandchildren's are most treasured.

From Laurie: Some co-workers of my husband's gave us two maple trees when my dear in-laws passed away less than a year apart. Our family now calls them: "Grandma and Grandpa's trees." With our fall weather, they are a beautiful red color now. I surely do miss Mom and "The Warden." I couldn't have wished for better in-laws. Mom was a farmer's daughter; born in 1924.