Friday, July 9, 2010

THE DIARY OF A DISTRACTED MOTHER; by Sally Sod Herself; part 4; 1927

FRIDAY. Just my luck--every time. My cleaning. As my Big Bunch were at school and only my Little Kiddies, my good man and myself here, I thought I would stir up some pancakes for dinner. Then when we were ready to eat, in walked my brother-in-law. His wife was gone so I asked him to have dinner with us. Of course I felt a little foolish over pancakes at noon. Next my cousin, whom I had not seen in two years, dropped in bringing her two boys to spend the day with us.

Then to cap the climax, Aldrich's car broke down in front of the house. Of course there was nothing to do but ask them in. They were both cold and hungry. So I asked them to draw to and have some fodder. Well, Mary Anne, they did. I know I baked a bushel of pancakes. SAUSAGE, PANCAKES AND SYRUP. Get thee behind me, Satan, and don't show up around here again.

SATURDAY. Just another Saturday, Mary Anne. You'll soon get used to them. The boys' school suits to clean and press, shoes to polish, heads to wash and once again to see that every button is in place. One cake baked, six dozen fried-cakes, 10 loaves of bread. Not so bad. Not so bad.

SUNDAY.I never saw those girls of mine so eager to help to get just everything done--even the despised dusting. Dinner nearly ready, a rap at the door. Here were four schoolmates of the girls and how they laughed! They had been invited in as a surprise for me. Well, those fried-cakes saved the day.

MONDAY. O Mary Anne, what do you suppose? You can't guess. I am just too happy for words. When Elery got home from school today, he stood around acting a little guilty I thought.

"I made the team today," he said.
"Yes, I mean it." And he went to change his clothes. Just think Mary Anne, only fourteen and a Junior in High School and third speaker on the debating team. I had just finished my washing and was so tired when he made the grand announcement. But it took the tired out of my back, the ache out of my legs and the mist from my brain.

TUESDAY. Mary Anne, it seems strange, doesn't it? that boys will get to talking about cooking. I have always prided myself on the fact that I feed my family balanced rations, three times a day. But O, that Jimmie of mine! He said the boys got to betting on what they would have for supper.

"I told them," he said, "we would have 'just the same for supper tonight as we had last night.'"

"Well you see we didn't." I answered. "We have carrots and cup cakes different."

"But I didn't tell 'em that when they asked me what we had. I said 'Flap jacks, slippery jacks, limberger, hamburger, eggs a la golden rod, pig-in-a-blanket, sauerkraut, a cold bottle and pop corn.'"

"Jimmie, what ever made you say such a thing?"

"Well, I like variety."

"And so do I when it doesn't vary from the truth."

"Shucks," he answered, " I like variety in various forms."

WEDNESDAY. Doesn't it seem awful? Just when you are trying to do your very best something happens that shows how you stand. Tonight when I tucked my lambies into bed I kissed them and heard their, "Now I lay me down to sleep..." Then I added, God bless Pa and Ma and us children and make us all good." But that Junior--What did he say? Just listen to this:

"God bless Pa and Ma and make 'em good. The rest of us are good enough--Amen--Thanks--Good-night--Blow--out--the lamp. I'm a big boy now 'n' not afraid in the dark."

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