Friday, July 30, 2010

CIRCUS LEMONADE; by Myrtle Jamison Trachsel; part 3; 1929

"Wait!" commanded the lemonade man. "The fire's out now and this boy hasn't had his lemonade."

He poured what was left into the big dipper and handed it to Jimmie. A crowd of circus people had gathered. Said the lemonade man, "There isn't a bit of water around this berg, and I don't know that I would have thought to use the lemonade if this boy hadn't dumped his glass on it the moment he saw the fire."

"Here, son," said the balloon man, "have a balloon. Have two of them."

The side-show man caught Jimmie's arm. "Come see the thinnest man on earth. Won't cost you a cent."

Jimmie went with him, his balloons in one hand and his lemonade in the other grimy fist.

"Here have some peanuts to take along with you," said the peanut man, as he stuffed a sack of nuts into each of Jimmie's pockets.

When he came out of the side show he found the elephant trainer waiting for him. The man was very much excited. "I don't think you know how bad it would have been to have fire break out in the hay at the elephants' feet. We have them chained but they could get away if they wanted to, and they certainly would have broken away if they had seen that fire. Come on in and see them."

Jimmie went gladly. There were only three elephants and they were not very large, but Jimmie thought them very fine indeed. When he had seen all the animals it was time for the elephants to go in and preform. Jimmie rode one of them in. It was very exciting, sitting up so high and feeling the great beast lumber along. Afterwards Jimmie saw the rest of the acts. He was sure it was the most wonderful circus in the world.

When it was all over he ran all the way back to town for fear his father would be waiting for him.

"Why, Jimmie, where have you been? I heard about the circus and came back almost at once. I wanted you to see the circus."

"Oh, I saw it."

"How could you when you had only a nickel?"

"Well, I bought circus lemonade with my nickel and they gave me the rest. Don't you see?"

His father did not see, but he understood well enough when he had heard the whole story. He said, proudly, "I see I have a boy who can use his head as well as his arms and legs."

Jimmie was not listening. He was thinking of the wonderful afternoon.

"It was very good," he murmured.

"What was?--the circus?"

"Yes, and the circus lemonade."