Friday, June 25, 2010

THE CANDY HABIT; by Dr. Ella S. Webb; 1914

The greatest menace to public health in America is the pernicious cane-sugar habit cultivated by all forms of pastry and candy. Once fastened on you it is more difficult to break off than the liquor habit. If you don't believe this, try to stop eating all sweets for a month, but those contained in fruits and honey, which contain the true natural sugar. The ordinary sugar of commerce is an irritant. It is the chief ingredient of the candy of commerce, the mainstay of the straw food sold in pastry restaurants and of the housewife's palate ticklers. Investigation will show that hundreds of thousands of working girls spend fifteen to fifty cents a day on cheap candy.

The temperate eating of natural foods, deep breathing, pure air, sunshine, rest, thorough mastication of foods, no fluids at meals, plenty of water between, daily bathing, no stimulants of any sort, cheerfulness, absence of worry and haste, with the practice of self-control, are the essentials of a long, right and happy life.